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Technical Specification

Loading capacity 125 l
Volume capacity 170 l
Feeding tension 380 V - Trifase - 50Hz
Electric heating power 9,6 kW
Low tension controls 110 V
Noise 70 dB
Working temperature 50 ÷ 200° C
Heating indirect
Sizes 180x115x175 cm
Weight 450 kg


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  • 2006/42/CE (machines directive)
  • 2006/95/CE (low tension)
  • 2004/108/CE (EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • 94/9/CE (Atex)

Double walled solvent tank.
Tank, junctions and pipings are manufactured in 304 stainless steel.
Indirect heating by diathermic oil.
Recirculation pump for diathermic oil.
Solvent vapours condensation by air/air exchanger.
Solvent reclaimer cleaning by tilting down of the body or unloading valve opening.
Antifoam kit with control window in tempered crystal.

Work sequence, with all his possible changes, can be resumed as follows:

  1. Tank loading
  2. Lid closing
  3. Start
  4. 1st set point for diathermic oil temperature, low boiling point solvents distillation. The passage from 1st to 2nd set point is determined by electronic timer.
  5. 2nd set point for diathermic oil temperature, medium and high boiling point solvents distillation.
  6. Cooling cycle beginning
  7. Cycle end
  8. Lid opening
  9. Tilting down of rotating body and distillation residual extraction.

K100 solvent reclaimer is equipped with a series of additional safeties following rules in force:

  • Safety thermostat for diathermic oil with manual reset/stop of the solvent reclaimer
  • Emergency button
  • 0,5 bar vapour release valve
  • Engines thermic protection
  • Antifoam system for solvent vapour canalisation
  • Big volume expansion tank for diathermic oil, with release valve and level dipstick
  • Digital thermoregulators with PT100 reading sensors and PID system to avoid thermic losses
  • LED electronic hour-counter


 Filling pneumatic pump
   Filling pneumatic pump complete with pressure reducer, lubricator, automatic condensate drainage system, ON/OFF pneumatic selector, two-way pneumatic valve to connect pump with tank.
 Stainless steel condensing coil
Stainless steel condensing coil for distilling acid-based solvents.

It is possible to join the reclaiming unit to the vacuum plant, which allows the solvents to evaporate at lower temperatures, thus giving enormous advantages in the distillation of high boiling or thermounstable solvents:
a) shorter times,
b) no vapour loss,
c) greater safety for the work environment and for the operator,
d) none or lower decomposition of the distilled solvents.