Ciemme machines and equipment represent the most reliable and technological answer in the solvent treatment field both in national and international market.



Solvent and thinner relaiming units and Industrial washing machines

Ciemme machines and plants represent the most technological and reliable answer in the field of solvent treatment, both on the national and international markets.
The quality of a machine or plant is a necessary but not sufficient variable to offer effective answers to a business problem.

A good machine can not be adapted to the resolution of every problem!
Every single ‘standard’ product by Ciemme is therefore ‘calibrated’ and modified according to the single business problem.
This is why Ciemme provides, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of its machines, all the necessary advice to identify the most suitable and most suitable solutions for the resolution of every single problem and business need.
A fundamental aspect to guarantee effectiveness, quality and high production standards.

Solvent reclaiming units

A wide range of solvent distillers with capacities from 8 up to 400 and more litres per cycle, suitable to regenerate all kinds of solvents / thinners (K series) and also to dry the residuum and arrange for the automatic cleaning of the solvent tank (EV series).

Solvent and thinner relaiming units

Purifiers with vacuum system (Vacuum) for solvents
and diluents or for water
Self-cleaning purifiers for solvents and diluents
Accessory systems with:
– Stainless Steel Vapor Capacitor
– PTFE distillation tank
– Residual discharge front valve
– Automatic loading and / or transfer system
automatic distillate
– Continuous distillation system
– Double set point execution for solvent mixtures
– Min / Max level probes
– Containment tank
– Management

Automatic solvent management system

A wide range of solvent distillers with capacities from 8 to 400 and more liters per cycle, suitable for regenerating all types of solvents / diluents (series J and K) and also for drying the residues and providing automatic cleaning of the solvent tank (EV series).

Automatic solvent management system

With this set up all the
operation of the spent solvent / distillate solvent is carried out by pumps and in a closed circuit.

Highly reliable, pneumatically operated machines, suitable for washing utensils, cans, small pieces dirty with oil, grease and paint products (BRIO, LA-RO) and inkwells, squeegees, ink-stained parts (SL , LC)

Industrial washing machines

Industrial washing machines
Pneumatic washing machines with programmable logic
Lavatelai, lavacilindri
Ciemme designs and manufactures plants, even custom-made


Highly specialized machines for the recovery of solvents and water polluted by paints, with the aim of reducing company costs while respecting the environment.


We guarantee to our customers the maximum operativeness in terms of commercial, administrative and technical assistance with highly qualified personnel.

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